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A little over a year ago, I wrote the following statement: "Do you know who writes manifestos? Crazy people."

Then I followed that claim up by posting a sort of manifesto. I wrote about six areas where I believe the modern church is failing and what we could be doing differently.

Exactly six months ago today, I started writing another manifesto. It's still about the modern church, because realistically I still think that we could do better. However, this time I am focusing on a population that the church has abandoned. This is a community that I hold near and dear as it is one that I am a part of.


It is hard for the artist to feel at home within modern religious institutions. It is possible, but it is not easy. For years, I have felt out of place - like I am out of step with the people who share my faith. I know I'm not alone. I have talked to others who have felt a broad range of discomfort in churches. Awkward. Misunderstood. Pushed away.

Some have left the church, feeling unwelcome with in those sacred walls. Others ave abandoned the faith of their youth, finding unbelief easier in the arts world where religion is often looked upon with disdain. Others, like myself, have sat quietly and done our best to fit in where we might not ever belong.

If you've ever felt like that - like the church doesn't understand the creativity welling up within you, like the people around you will never comprehend or accept the passions that drive you - please continue reading over the next few days. I wrote this series with you in mind.

You might be a hobbyist plying your craft for fun on weekends for your own amusement or as a creative outlet. You could be a wannabe, attending every actor's workshop or musicians conference while your great stage play will never be written or your piano collects dust. You could be a professional: a photographer, a studio musician, an author - your art is your paycheck.

Or your art could be your ministry. I find it sad that those who spend their creative pursuits to further the gospel often find themselves disconnected from God's people.

We can do better than that. So I did the only thing that I know how to do. It's the only way that I am capable of inciting some measure of change. It's the only method I know to make things better. I wrote. Because I'm sick of disappointment and frustration. Because this is my manifesto. This is my eureka moment.

Tomorrow, you'll see a short post defining creativity. It's the process that brought me to where I am today. After that, you'll find a project that has taken me six months to complete. Please join me. I hope that it will shine light in the darkest places.

ps: Perhaps you don't consider yourself an artist. Maybe you're more of a spectator than anything else. Please read along. You might learn something.

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