The most pathetic thing ever

I took the morning off today so that I could pack for my trip. Being home for the morning where I would normally be at work, Bekah took advantage of the situation and made sure that I was available to help with breakfast, get the kids dressed, and run kids to school.

None of that falls into my normal routine. I possess zero awareness of Bekah's morning schedule. To make up for that, we talked for a while last night about what mornings look like in our house. She filled me in on all that I usually miss. Our conversation went a little like this.

Me: What time does you're alarm go off?
Bekah: At 6:00.
Me: OK.
Bekah: Then I hit snooze. And I hit snooze again. And again. For the next hour. And I keep doing it until Christian gets up.
Me: That... that might be the single most pathetic thing I've heard all day.
Bekah: Once everyone is up, JJ will want breakfast but he has breakfast at school. Make breakfast for the other two but not for JJ.
Me: OK
Bekah: And he will ask for it. He'll say, "Momma, I want breakfast." I'll tell him, "No, you get breakfast at school." He'll say, "But they get breakfast." And I say, "But you get breakfast at school." Then he'll say, "I'm HUNGRY!" And I'll say, "You will get breakfast at school." We have the exact same conversation every morning.
Me: I stand corrected. That is the single most pathetic thing I've heard all day.

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