Whoever wins

A week from now, we will be wrapping up election day. We'll be finishing up the crazy season and awaiting the official tallies to see who will be the next president.

No matter who wins, here are a few things I know for sure.

1. Roughly half of America will not like the results. That same half will criticize every action taken by the winning candidate for the next four years.

2. It will be a close election and a small but vocal group that supported the loser will cry foul, ask for a recount, or levy accusations of voter fraud. They might be a fringe populace, but they exist and they will seek attention.

3. The next president will not be able to solve our problems. They might be able to improve some things, but we live in a broken world and there will always be issues. People will still be unemployed. Poverty will still exist. Terrorists will still be carrying out their jihad against their perceived foes. Disasters will still display nature's strength and fury. No president will ever be able to erase those woes that ail us.

4. Four years from now, we will be hearing about the same issues debated ad nauseam. Jobs. Economy. Foreign policy. Medicare. Abortion. Gun rights. Gay marriage. These topics will not go away.

5. Pollsters will glorify the accuracy of their election predictions. Pundits will either revel in victory or preach gloom - whichever will give their ratings the biggest boost. MSNBC will still be liberally biased and FOX will still be biased to favor the GOP. That's how they make their money and complaining about it won't change anything.

Regardless of who wins the presidential election, I hope to see these few things.

1. That the losing candidate will concede gracefully.

2. That the losing candidate will find strength and comfort in his wife, family, and whatever support network they've built for themselves.

3. That both candidates will strive to be good husbands and fathers and pour out love onto their wives and kids.

4. That the winning candidate will seek wise council for the next four years, that they will be open to the input and advice of their predecessors, and that they show a willingness to work with their opposing political party.

5. That the winning candidate will place the needs of this nation ahead of the desires of their party.

I know, I may be asking for a bit too much.

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