About a year and a half ago, I posted a list of five restaurants that I wish we had in Coeur d'Alene. Today, I'm adding one more to that list: Coopersmith's Pub & Brewery.
If you're ever in Fort Collins, you need to try this place out. Coopersmith's is divided into two neighboring restaurants (a pub side and a pool side) with similar but not identical menus.

The atmosphere is slightly different between the two buildings. The pub side is more like a traditional pub. Of the two, it has more of the family styled eatery feel. Pub side has a greater menu selection, food options for kids, and it houses the brewery. The pool side is boisterous, energetic, and loud with blues music pumped through the house speakers.

The beer selection is phenomenal - from a green chili brew to a Panjabi ale. Massive variety and a flavor for every taste. If I was actually a beer person, I'd be like a kid in a candy store. They also have a wide assortment of scotch and scotch-whiskey blends imported from Scotland. The drinker will have diverse options before them.

Even sober patrons will find something to satisfy. The grub is amazing - enough to make any foodie salivate.

One member of our party recommended either the Fish & Chips or Bangers & Mash as the best items on the menu, and two from our group ordered the Fish & Chips - both praised their meal. One girl ordered a Smoked Turkey & Guacamole sandwich claiming it was delicious and filling. Across from me, another coworker ordered the Pesto Turkey. The chips are seasoned and fried potato wedges. The onion rings are beer battered. and everything smelled delectable.

I've never been disappointed in their food and this experience was no exception. I ordered a Chicken Pepperoni Sandwich and devoured it with delight. The charbroiled chicken is topped with a handful of pepperoni slices and rich marinara with mozzarella melted into all of it. It's served on a focacia roll that's seasoned with herbs, parmesan, and asiago cheese. It was delivered with lettuce, red onions, and pickles on the side. The onions added a nice kick to the spice of the pepperoni. The beer battered onion rings (that I ordered as my side of choice) were crisp and savory, and the creamy ranch for the onion rings was the best ranch dressing I've tasted in recent memory.

And if the food and drink is not enough, Coopersmith's also provides entertainment options. Our group hung out for a while after dinner and played a few games of shuffleboard. In the game area, you'll also find several pool tables and a ping pong table. Being a college town, you're apt to see some colorful college kids occupying these spaces. We encountered one playing ping pong while dressed in cowboy boots, super short spandex shorts, and an untucked sleeveless dress shirt that looked like it had been borrowed from Larry the Cable Guy's wardrobe.

Overall - superb food, wide selection of drinks, entertaining atmosphere, amusing local patronage, and a great Old-Town location. If you're ever in Fort Collins - make this a must stop destination.

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