And the winner is....

Thank you to everyone who entered to win an autographed copy of City of a Thousand Dolls. I'm sure that Miriam is happy to see all of you that are eager to read it.

Because I am a ridiculous nerd, I couldn't just draw a name out of a hat. I have a tendency to make things more complicated than needed and selecting the winner here stays withing my norms.

First, I listed all of the entries into a spreadsheet. There were 18 total comments on the post, but two of them were from anonymous peoples so I had to remove them. Sorry, I'm not psychic; I don't know who you are.

That left 16 entries.

Then I wrote a formula to select a random name from that list.

And duplicated that formula to narrow the list of 16 down to five "finalists."

With one final RAND formula, I found the winner.

Here's the winning comment:

Congratulations Diane. There's a book coming your direction.


  1. Thanks, Now I can get her to sign it correctly.

  2. Well, it all ready has her name in it. You'll have to hunt her down to add yours.