He'll eat anything

At dinner, JJ wanted to try everything.

When our appetizers came out he wanted to try the spinach artichoke dip. Verdict: he liked it.

Next up was the marinara sauce. Verdict: also yummy.

Then he wanted to taste the pico de gallo. Verdic: first bite got a smile, second was delicious, but by the fifth bite he started to notice it was hot (spicy).

Finally, he asked to eat the lemon that came with his grandma's hot tea. I did not get the reaction I expected. He sucked on it for a while and then took a bite. He liked it. His only remark was, "It's a little sour."

Bekah asked him if he likeded the foods that he sampled.

"Yes," JJ answered.
"Of course you liked it," Bekah said.
"He'll eat anything," I said.
"Even dog food." That last remak was from Zu, the older sister.

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