Sundays with the Caseys

This morning started off with the regular routine. JJ and Zu wake up far too early, climb on the couch, and start arguing. I wake up to the sound of screaming. I play referee. They calm down. An hour later, we eat breakfast. Christian wakes up and gets himself breakfast. Then they get dressed, fight, play, fight, play, fight.

Like most Saturdays and Sundays, this revolving play/fight ordeal continues until we leave the house or someone gets hurt.

This morning we tried something different. We went to Honeysuckle Beach before church. Yes, the beach. I realize that it's still winter, but we had the park to ourselves. The kids played tag in the grass. We walked around the dock. We looked for goose footprints in the sand. Then they played another round of tag. Somewhere in the middle of all of that, they stayed still enough to let me take a few pictures.

Christian followed a whim up the lifeguard tower where he insisted on striking this pose.

On the docks, Zu kept looking back toward land while the wind tousled her hair.
It was a cold wind.

Then we have JJ doing something. Really, I'm never quite sure why he does what he does.

And for a brief moment, they all pretended that they liked each other.* 
This gives me hope that the play/fight/play/fight cycle will someday end.

*They do love each other. And most of the time, they also like each other. However, they thoroughly enjoy provoking each other.

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