So, this happened

It's nice to know I work with people who are able to laugh at themselves, allow me to laugh with them, and join in when I must laugh at myself. Because on Mondays... a little self deprecation goes a long way.

Coworker: Morning.
Me: Hi.
Coworker: Don't send your reports yet, wait just a bit, looking into some of the data drop that I do.
Me: OK.
Me: Those reports are automated again.
Me: So I have no control.
Coworker: I just realized those are automated again aren't they.
Coworker: Durp.
Me: And I have no idea when they run.
Coworker: OK sounds good.
Coworker: No worries.
Coworker: I just durped big.
Me: Eh...
Me: That's OK.
Me: It's Monday.
Me: Durps are excused.
Coworker: Sweet!

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