Driver's Med

Are all of the doctors at Kootenai Medical Center pushy, reckless, and aggressive drivers? I drive by Big Blue on my commute to work; each of the last three times I've turned onto Ironwood from 95, I have followed (or been followed by) a vehicle turning into KMC's staff only parking. This morning, the car in front of me dangerously cut off a large freight truck. On previous mornings, I've seen erratic lane changes (without blinkers), failure to yield, excessive speeding, inattentive driving, and running a red light - often close to causing an accident. Without fail, each traffic offender turns into the KMC staff parking lot.

You would think that the medical staff at the primary hospital in North Idaho would be so used to seeing the carnage caused by such aggressive driving habits. One might also think that having seen the consequences - they might be a little tamer in their own driving.

Since the only time I have (recently) seen drivers enter the KMC staff parking area, I must assume that these reckless drivers are a fair representation of KMC's staff.

I probably Should not single out KMC. I have noticed similar driving habits in bulk from other major employers. Employees at the Hewlett Packard between Lake Stevens and Marysville (Seattle area) were frequent offenders - one HP employee drove into oncoming traffic on Highway 9 to pass me (in the left-hand turn lane), merged into my lane (forcing me to the shoulder), then ran the red light turning into HP. When I moved to Boise, I observed the same habits from employees at the Hewlett Packard Training Centre in Meridian.

Is there something about certain employers that causes employees to abandon all common sense when driving on wet, slushy, and icy roads?

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  1. Doctors aren't the only staff members - could be nurses, technicians, cafeteria workers, or receptionists. Based on the five seasons I've seen of Scrubs, I'm guessing it's probably Janitor.