Holiday treats

Other than snow, what could make the holiday season any better? The treats.

Now, I know that this is a rough time of year for dieters and health food fanatics - but what would Christmas be with out the goodies?

My all time favorite Christmas treat is something my mom called reindeer fodder. Mmmm. Yummy stuff. Reindeer fodder consists of a mixture of Capt'n Crunch, peanuts, and marshmallows blended into melted white chocolate (or almond bark). The whole glob of goo is spread out onto cookie sheets, hardened in the fridge and then broken into little pieces. Of course, I don't like peanuts so my mom always made two batches: one with nuts and one minus nuts for me.

A bowl full of reindeer fodder and a glass of eggnog - and I'm a happy man.

There are various recipes on the net. Ingredients vary: some call for additional cereal flavors like Crispix or Cheerios, and extra ingredients like raisins or pretzels. It's good stuff; if you've never had any before I highly recommend trying it out this year.


  1. And my personal favorite, of which I have made and taken to the office, is the Seven Step Bars that she made two batches of. One with Mint Chocolate Chips for us and one without for Sue. YUMMMM. Chocolate overload there.

  2. mmmm....reindeer fodder sounds good.