Snowfall & Sunshine

This is what I love about winter: crisp blue skies above a new layer of snow (just enough snow to transform the ordinary scenery into something magical, but not enough to be a nuisance). There’s a crispness in the air – cold, but not frigid. It’s refreshing. The sunshine brings a brightness often forgotten during winter; like finding hope amidst ruin.

It reminds me of my childhood… well, kind of. Growing up in Seattle, fresh and clean snow under pure azure skies would have been an oddity, if not a rarity. The weather in Seattle slushed more often than it snowed, and the somber clouds always lingered. So today’s weather doesn’t remind me of Puget Sound winters of yesteryear, but of the winters of my youthful dreams (I have always wanted snow for Christmas). It was that picture perfect postcard kind of snow that I longed for.

Like finding hope amidst ruin.

I’ve always felt at peace when it snowed; the world seems quieter. There is a tranquility that can be found in an unadulterated blanket of snow – a stillness that we all long for. In the hectic day-to-day chaos that dominates our culture, such serenity is desperately needed.

It is because of that quite desperation, I find this time of year so exciting – reinvigorating. Like finding hope amidst ruin.

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