Five for Friday: the last of my list

Every year, if you're anything like me, there's something you really want for Christmas but know there's no conceivable possibility anyone you know would ever buy it for you. It's the kind of gift you'd pee yourself in shock and excitement if you actually found it in one of the gift boxes wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning.

For me, that type of surprise would happen with one of these five options. This is my last Christmas wish list: the unbelievable.

It's the cheapest (most affordable?) item on this list, but it's this kind of swag that makes my wife roll her eyes in realization that she married a huge nerd.

2. Tickets to see David Bazan on 1/21/11 at The Red Room in Kennewick.
And since the concert is on a Friday night with a 3 hour drive back to our house, it would make a nice weekend getaway for Bekah and me. That present wouldn't be complete without a one night stay at a Kennewick hotel (perhaps the Clover Island Inn) and overnight babysitting for the weekend.

3. A Yeti USB Microphone (THX certified)
Do you know how much blogging mayhem I could unleash if I had a studio quality microphone next to my keyboard?

I go stir crazy without music playing. That should be a widely known fact. A lesser known fact (and one I am not ashamed to admit) I like to sing in the shower.

As a former DJ with visions of re-entering the DJ entertainment profession... this is my dream machine.

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