Two of my favorite smells in the world are brewing coffee and freshly popped popcorn. Two of my least favorite smells are burnt coffee and burnt popcorn.

I keep waiting for Ke$ha to admit that her auto-tuned singing, atrocious rapping, dumpster diving fashion, and raunchy lyrics are all a big prank for some mockumentary (ala Spinal Tap or Joaquin Phoenix's fake mental breakdown). I know this will never happen, but inside I want it to be an act because I find it hard to believe anyone could truly be that horrible.

Wii bowling. Surprisingly, I'm just as good bowling on the Wii as I am bowling in a traditional alley. Simply put - I suck. My son, however, he Wii bowls like a pro. He's six.

My wonderful wife found 2 liter bottles of holy water (aka Mt Dew) on sale for 78 cents each. She's stocking up. This is why I love her.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The tree went up last Sunday along with our nativity and the rest of the decorations. The stocking have been hung and the scents of cinnamon clove candles are filling the air. Two weeks to go, I think we're ready. What about the shopping? Oh, wait... we haven't started that yet.

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  1. Wii Bowling is easy. try lining your Mii up with the far right arrow and the twist your wrist counter-clockwise as you throw. Strikes almost every time.

    I suppose this is a reminder that no matter how accurate the Wii is, it's still a video game and someone will figure out how to cheat.