Of Bearded Men

I never intended to participate in No Shave November, it just kinda happened that way. Really. I promise.

A small collection of my coworkers were observing the razor-less month. They called it "Novembeard." 10 days into the month, one of them asked if I would participate with them. After a minute of pondering, I realized that I hadn't shaved since the Friday before Halloween... Why not? Only another 20 days of no shaving.

But I can only take so much. I'm a living disparity as I hate to shave but I also hate not being clean shaven. Now that November is over, this man's beard is shaggy enough and starting to itch. I'm ready for a trim.

It should also be noted, my colleagues that celebrated Novembeard with me are also honoring the 12th month with Decembeard. And they're following that up with Janu-hairy. Upon invite, I declined. There's a line that must be drawn, and that is it.

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  1. My husband did this a few years ago as part of a fundraiser for prostate cancer research. Search for "Movember" and you'll find the organization. And a whole lot of dudes that look like Freddie Mercury.