A good week in footbal

In case you haven't yet noticed, sports isn't a common topic on this blog. Despite growing up in a home where professional athletics dominated programming on both the TV and the radio, I myself am not much of a sports fan.

Sure, I enjoy going to hockey games or heading out to watch arena football. I miss playing soccer and tennis, and I'll jump into a casual volleyball game if given the chance.

But as far as the daily happenings in the wide world of sports? I don't pay that much attention. But there are exceptions.

In the NFL, there are two teams I will always root for: the Seahawks and the Lions. There are two teams I will always cheer against: the Raiders and the Broncos. Beyond those four teams, I really don't care what happens.

But there's a guy at work that I regularly talk to (one of the biggest Seahawks fans you'll ever meet) who rarely has anything to say that isn't sports related. He's a cool guy and we get along, so I do my best to have a decent understanding about what's going on so that I can hold a competent conversation with him.

This is the first week that I was excited to skim through the sports headlines.

Despite the Seahawk's loss, it was a good week for the NFL. Just to recap:

The Metrodome collapsed (I've watched that video over a dozen times and it never gets old)

About that last one...

Nolan Carroll is a class act. If you've not seen his post-game interview, go watch it now. I can wait.

The man is tripped while running down the field (both apparently and admittedly purposeful), suffers a minor injury, and his response: it's just "water off a duck's back." Carroll spoke as if it was no big deal. Completely humble. Completely grateful his team won. Not in the slightest worried about the actions of Sal Alosi. Unwilling to place blame.

That is true sportsmanship. The NFL needs more players like Nolan Carroll.

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